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                                               Terry London
Terry is my mentor and friend.  He's a practicing REBT Therapist in the Chicagoland area.  He also teaches many
REBT based courses for educators in the Chicago area.  He is the co-director of the Chicago Institute for REBT.  It's
listed as an affiliated training center on the website for the Albert Ellis Institute for REBT in New York city.  Terry
always joked that taking his classes was cheap therapy.  It was.  I owe a great deal to him personally and
professionally.  My experience is a big part of why I believe that many people can be taught to help themselves.  
However, if you ever need a good therapist, call 219-365-4316.  Terry has also authored a number of books on
REBT, including "Rough Spot Training".
                                                  Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis is considered at least one of the many "fathers" of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  He was voted by his
peers in the US and Canada to be the second most influential psychologist of the 20th century, second only to Carl
Rogers.  Terry would often have "Al" come to Chicago and speak to us, and work with us.  I had the opportunity to
work with Ellis.  When I saw them together, I couldn't help but think Terry was like the son Ellis never had.  I
suspect Terry feels the same way about Ellis as I do about him.  
                                                 Marc Denny
I consider Marc to be my other mentor.  He's a huge man, not only in stature but in his knowledge of how to deal
with young people.  He was a counselor at Palatine High School, a large high school northwest of Chicago.  He
also taught many graduate classes for educators in the Chicago area.  I believe I took every one of those.  His
wisdom is sprinkled throughout what I know, and I will be forever grateful for what he taught me, and do
everything I can to pass it on.